Camp Earth Connection 2010

Camp Earth Connection 2010
Skiing at Camp

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Camp Director's February Memoirs

It's not too soon to think about summer! Actually Camp Directors like Gardeners tend to do lots of planning during these late winter months, as we envision our programs, develop camp themes and start looking for those special people who will complete the camp "community." As I work diligently with Marty, the web manager,on updating the web page, I continously snag one of my kids.....reading them program descriptions, showing them camp photos and brochure designs, and asking them what would appeal to them.
What else is there to do anyway in February? Other then grab the few moments of sunshine when they appear; force one's self to go to the gym; or maybe get those cross country skis or snow shoes out and hit the trails at Hammond Hill. Of course if you know Linda - our Camp Naturalist and Tracker, then you might re-call that after the snow falls comes prime animal tracking time!
I don't know about you, but I will greet March with gratitude and a warm heart, as it brings the promise that Spring is near.

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