Camp Earth Connection 2010

Camp Earth Connection 2010
Skiing at Camp

Monday, August 17, 2009

Where do we go from here?

Camp is "in progress" - the children are engaged in the many activites....sometimes games, games that require them to think, move and work together - hmmmmm - do video games do that? I suppose on some level. Sometimes the children are on one of Linda's special hikes....and why are these special? because after 7 summers at Earth Connections...and many hikes, she has found away to engage children - a way to get them thinking..analyzing and paying attention.....
Take for instance her graveyard hike - sounds kind of creepy? It's now one of the most popular hikes, as children go to an area of the Hammond Hill forest which is laden with bones - and nearby - what do they discover - but fox dens. But how did the bones get there???? The children put together the clues....and they figure it out. Then many collect some bones - as they recognize the value and use of bones. They see the world through different eyes. Human eyes that once more connect to their natural home, the forest, the streams, the ponds and the fields.
Children watch and partake in making fire using all natural materials and their own sweat. Children gather foods from nature, gardens and animals and help prepare snacks and lunch for the day. Children find out at Camp Earth Connection, that there is a place where adults will tolerate no "put-downs" and every time one person criticizes another person, it will addressed - and challenged and it will be clarified, that our community is to be a safe place for everybody.

I am ever grateful to all the educators who have worked here, and shared in my vision to help make Earth Connections a place where humans can interact in nature - in harmony - and as caretakers.

I am not sure where we go from here - but I do know there is much work to be done - and environmental education is critical at this time for both adults and children. I do have a hard time understanding the denial that seems to still exist within our community and our country as far as the future that our children our facing. For some of us, like myself who is not of native heritage to this country, it is hard to even begin to imagine a way of life which considers their 7th generation before they would think of cutting down a tree, putting up a building or constructing a mega mall. I am scared for my children - and more alarmed for my children's children...and wonder even if I want to see my children having I can almost feel the suffering they may have to endure.

But, I do understand that it is my responsibility to do everything I can to make a difference, whether I believe it will or not. I think of John Lennon's song "imagine" and i know that i am not the only one....