Camp Earth Connection 2010

Camp Earth Connection 2010
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010: A Time for Change

The only constant is change. Through individual choice; by connecting with eachother - through grassroots efforts, by taking one step at a time, change happens. We live in an "urgent" time. It can be scary or it can be exciting. I choose to see it as exciting. I beleive by our choices we will influence eachother, our community and our world. The most dangerous choice that I see one can make, is the decision to do nothing. The decision to ignore or deny the urgency, deny the impact of global warming, war, the decision to deny our own addictions to "more," and deny our responsibility to educate ourselves and act as needed.

My intent this summer is to see that Earth Connection continues to find ways to help people connect to the Earth and themselves. We are of the Earth, we just need to remember and renew our connection. What are we. without water, air, food, and shelter? The Earth provides us with what we need - but we need to care for the Earth in turn. The Earth's water, air and food has been polluted. We are destroying the resources that give us what we need to survive. If our children do not learn how to care for the Earth, what type of future do they have?

I hope you and your family can join us at Earth Connection again this summer - as we re-new our committment to take care of our home, the Earth.

In Peace,

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